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We monitor just about everything. Except your partner of course 🤷

Website Monitoring

We will scan your website or server every 30 seconds. If it pops a gasket, we'll let you know!

Port Monitoring

Is your email service playing hide and seek? Rest easy, we got you covered!

Keyword Monitoring

It's like setting up a virtual stakeout for your favorite buzzwords across the web.

Why is Tethered free?

At the heart of our mission lies a simple yet powerful conviction: every online business, regardless of size, deserves to have a reliable uptime monitoring tool. That's why we've chosen to provide our uptime monitoring service at no cost to you. We believe that monitoring your website's uptime should be a basic right, not a privilege.

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We understand the critical nature of immediate notification in the event of downtime. Minutes matter; that's why our monitoring service is not only free but designed to alert you at the earliest sign of trouble.

What’s included

  • Unlimited Monitors
  • Unlimited Integrations
  • HTTP, Port Monitoring
  • Keyword Monitoring
  • 5 min. Interval Checks
  • Customizable Status Pages

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Your website is the face of your business. Downtime means lost opportunities, revenue, and trust.